BioSPM – 2022

The 4th International hybrid school-conference
Scanning Probe Microscopy for Biological Systems – 2022"

November 24-25, 2022 | NUST MISIS, Moscow


The 4th International hybrid school-conference "Scanning Probe Microscopy for Biological Systems - 2022" (BioSPM – 2022), which will be held on November 24 -26, is intended for researchers involved in the development of SPM methods, as well as users of scanning probe microscopes from all scientific and industrial disciplines such as biology, pharmaceuticals, materials science, fundamental physics, life sciences, semiconductor industry and energy.

BioSPM – 2022 is aimed at identifying and analyzing important problems associated with modern technologies and functional visualization of nanostructures using various modes of scanning probe microscopy, the latest achievements and opportunities for new research topics.

The goal of BioSPM – 2022 is to improve the communication network in the field of life sciences and to unite researchers with a common interest in the role of SPM in explaining new biological, physical and chemical phenomena.

Conference location
NUST "MISiS", Moscow
Conference Link

The link will be available to all registered participants
Cost of participation
free for registered members
We welcome to attend this conference to following topics:
• High resolution imaging of live cells bacteria and viruses
• SPM for Neuroscience
• Nanosensors
• Nanomechanics
• Correlative/Combined Imaging
• Chemical Imaging
• SPM for Cardiology
• Cellular mechanics
• Nanostructures for biomedicine
• FRET microscopy and electrophysiology in living cells
• Combined scanning probe & fluorescence microscope
• SPM in Biology and Medicine
• High Speed AFM

Prof. Yuri Korchev Imperial College London, NUST "MISiS"
Prof. Georgy Maksimov, NUST "MISiS", Lomonosov Moscow State University
Prof. Yuri Parkhomenko NUST "MISiS"

Erofeev Alexander
Gorelkin Peter
Prelovskaya Alexandra
Safonova Ekaterina
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